Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tool 3

I visited Teacher Tube, School Tube and and found several videos I can use in my French class in support of the curriculum. I'm already using You Tube, but had not yet tried the other ones. I found Teacher Tube, the most useful one because it's easier to search and most of the videos have the embed code to put on a blog.

Regarding copyright and fair use, I think the most important point is to teach your students about this so they know what is and what is not allowed. REPURPOSE came up a lot in the song.

I created a Dropbox and it's a good tool to have to store information that you want to have available quickly and regardless of location. I would use it as an extra storage place since now I already have everything I need on the server of the school district.

1 comment:

  1. YouTube does seem to be taking over! It is so easy to use! We are working to get it opened for students so they can benefit as well.

    Dropbox will come in handy with the iPads!