Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tool 8

I have learned what to expect from and how to use the Dell 2120. The video on iTunes showed me how to download the iTunes software or update it and how to set up an iTunes account. I also watched the iPad video which showed me how to use this. I'm not sure if I will get any or how many of these devices in my classroom.
If I did it would it much easier for me to incorporate web-based projects and lessons into the French classes that I teach.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Tool 7

the collaborative project I would like to do is with another Spanish class at my school.

Content objective: have students in both classes provide input and compare their findings/thoughts

The tool I would like to use is Voicethread

A brief description of the project

Why is it important to learn French / Spanish in today's world? What are the benefits/advantages of learning a second or third language? What other languages are you interested in and think will be important to know in the future?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Tool 6

The second tool I'm trying out is wallwisher:

I would send a message to my students asking for their ideas for a final project I want to do in class.

Hi Guys n Gals
I have created a Wallwisher wall. It is a simple webpage where we all can post our messages easily.
So simply go to and post your message there.
Happy Posting!
Mr. Vergult

Tool 6


I opened a Diigo account and created some material for students to do a small research project on French cartoonist Jean Giraud, aka Moebius, who died recently.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tool 5

I created a GLOG and WORDLE and posted it on my blog.  I use Glog and Prezi in my classroom for projects already and have students post their work on their blog.

J'aime GLOG

Saturday, March 3, 2012

table setting

Wordle: table setting

Tool 4

1. Create at least one document in Google Docs and share it with a few others on your campus or within your department. It could a team member, a department colleague, or another teacher with whom you plan a collaboration. Ask that person to comment or chat and real-time edit the document with you.

I shared a powerpoint presentation on Daily Routine in French.

2. Create one form in Google Docs and send it via email to at least two other people and ask them to respond.

I created a Form (short quiz in French) and emailed it to Marianne Vergult and Bill Burger.

3. Briefly discuss how you can use the tools in Google Apps with your team or department. How can you incorporate Google Apps as a tool in your classroom? Which tools are you excited about using with students?

I like the feature where you can turn a form into a quiz. I did not know this was an option and could easily use it in class with my students.